Not that “F” word, silly.

FeedbackFeedback. For those trying to sell their house, it can be a dirty word.

Selling a house can make you feel vulnerable to both real estate agents and potential buyers. It is not easy to let people you don’t know go through your house, and the worst thing is to get numerous showings without an offer.

If you are not getting offers after a certain amount of showings, there could be a problem.

A good listing agent will ask buyers and their agents for feedback after each showing. This is an effective way to inform sellers of market conditions and get the information needed to sell your house.

Negative feedback should be taken as constructive criticism. Use it to change features in the house and make it more appealing to buyers. Remember that potential buyers don’t know you, so their feedback is not personal.

If several buyers dislike the wallpaper, remove it. If you receive comments that there is a pet smell in the house, shampoo the carpets. Try to listen to your agent, and make the changes necessary to get an offer, which is the best feedback of all.