Sample Paint Color ChoicesEmerald may be this year’s color of the year and hot hue, but which colors should you avoid?

According to color research, the worst offending color is… Lemon Yellow. Yellow can be an eye irritant. Babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms, husbands and wives fight more in yellow kitchens, and buyers usually say, “WHOA” when I show them a house with a yellow room (and not in a good way). Use it in small doses as an accent color with a pillow or painting, but try to stay away from using it as a wall color.

Greige: I am so guilty of this. Grey is my favorite color, but it works in my home because I pull in accent colors with curtains, prints, and a colorful bookshelf. Try grassy greens, to make the space more warm and inviting. Mix in reflective surfaces, like glass and metal, to lighten up the room since gray tends to absorb more light than other hues.

Chocolate Brown and Tiffany Blue: This color combo may be growing tiresome in home interiors. Try adding a third color to the mix, such as hot pink or coral to avoid the room looking like an old trend.

The All-White kitchen: A kitchen all in white can look fresh and clean, but the look may be getting overdone and growing dull. Liven it up by pulling in some color from an adjacent space or pull a color from the dishes. For example, if you have blue dishes, you might try using deep indigo as an accent color. Change out the curtains with a punchy color or display colorful cookbooks behind glass-door cabinets to add some variety.

You can learn more about color research here: Color Theory Research

Have you found any color combos that are big turn-offs in a space? How about color choices that are absolutely fabulous? Weigh in on what you think works–and doesn’t–with color!