Considering Buying a Home in the Omaha Area?

Well this is just so exciting! Whether you’re looking for your first home or your ninth, I’ll help you find “the one”.

How do you know when you’re ready to buy?

Let’s let my friend Elizabeth explain this in the best way– with entertainment and laughs– and great information of course.

No need to proceed to the links, I’ve got you covered after you read all of the text below. I promise it’ll be worth your time. You get to see all of the videos! You’ll be like a home-buying-samarai by the time I’m done with you.

Why hire a Realtor®?

Having an experienced Realtor by your side will give you the confidence that all of the decisions you’ll be making are informed and in your best interest. Partnering with a Realtor can save lots of time and money, and as a buyer, you won’t be paying agent fees. We’re here to protect you and make sure you get what you are looking for. It’s best to hire an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors, so you can be sure that she is bound by a Code of Ethics. Don’t be afraid to interview a few Realtors. You may be surprised how much we can help you. Use this website as a guide to help you become a knowledgeable buyer.

Also, check out my post on 7 Questions to Ask Potential Realtors » to help you grill them before you hire them.

What’s the home buying process?

Your home-buying homework just got easier. I’ve put together a nice visual of what you can expect when starting down the exciting road of purchasing a home. It’s like a cheat sheet. Not that the process is too complicated, but isn’t it nice to know that you didn’t miss something important? Simplifying the process for you is kinda my thing.

See diagram of the home buying process »

Are you prepared to buy a home?

Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, it wouldn’t hurt to know that you’ve got everything covered before starting your home search. The more you prepare, the less opportunity there will be for bumps along the way. Don’t worry, I’ll be helping you through every step. I want your experience to be memorable in a good way. Below are a few questions I’ve put together to help get you started. It’s a good starting point. Filling out this information does not require you to hire me, these are questions I ask all my buyer clients, so it’ll just help to begin our conversation.

Not quite ready yet?

Most people have it in the back of their minds for months, even years, that they want to buy a home, but maybe you’re not quite ready yet. If you don’t feel ready to start searching for homes right away, don’t worry. Now is a great time to start interviewing agents (e’hem.. don’t forget to call me!) to see who is a good fit for you. Just let them know that you are not quite ready, and if they’re good, they’ll help you prepare.

Check out my preparation tips for buying within the next 6-12 months »

Mortgage Lending 101

Here we go, now we’re moving things right along. Getting pre-approved tells sellers you are legit. Back to you Elizabeth…

The Search

This is the most fun part. Unless of course you are asking for the moon, because I haven’t found any homes for sale there yet.

The Offer

Now you’re really upping the excitement! Put on your best poker face and hold on tight. I’ll take the wheel.

It’s Closing Time!

I’m not going to lie. Closing is never the highlight. The good news is that you’ll have me to help you along the way and you are SOOO close to moving into your new home. Wrap this one up and put a bow on it for them, Elizabeth.

Client experience: “…Aubrey has been with us from our tiny townhouse to our large golf course dream house and she’s shown us everything in between. She knew exactly what problems to look for in both houses and when things popped up she has great people to call to get things taken care of. Even a year after closing, when our house was hit by lightning she gave us the number of a great electrician who came out and got us fixed up fast.

I’m usually a stickler when I give ratings but I really mean it when I give her 5 stars across the board. I really couldn’t imagine a better person to work with.”
Zillow Review

Client experience:I strongly recommend Aubrey! She helped my husband & i get through the biggest changes in our marriage! She was quick on understanding who we are and pointing out our interests.

Good is by far an understatement of how well Aubrey took care of us. She was GREAT! She helped us find the home that best fit us and made sure things ran smoothly through the entire process! It IS possible to walk into a house and get that feeling where u just know “this is it!” We are apsolutely in love!

From laughing at interesting light fixtures to running in the down pouring rain & making jokes about whats behind “secret” locked doors, we had a blast! Aubrey wasnt just our realtor, she has also become our friend!

Zillow Review

Client experience:Aubrey helped us purchase our first home and we are forever grateful to her! Especially considering we were first-timers, Aubrey made the entire process seem incredibly easy.

We found the right house about 48 hours before leaving for a trip, and Aubrey went out of her way to meet us at 7 p.m. the night before we left to help us compose our offer. At every step along the way she took her time with us, answering every question (and I had a lot!) and discussing the process with us in detail.

It was also one of her tips that gave us the advantage which helped us win out in a competing offer situation! Aubrey is professional, highly skilled, very quick to respond to calls and emails, and is super friendly and fun to be around to boot. I look forward to knowing folks in need of a realtor so that I can refer them to Aubrey’s outstanding services!

–Sarah Wengert Zillow Review

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I love how giddy my clients get when we find “the one”.

A little  LOVE  sent from clients.

”Working with Aubrey to buy my first home was such a wonderful experience. She was amazing at making it a stress free process for me. She was always one step ahead of me and making sure that I was comfortable and informed at all times! I always refer Aubrey without a moments hesitation, because I know that she will always do whatever it takes to find their perfect home. Work with Aubrey and you’ll have a friend for life!” -Elizabeth Hovorka
“Aubrey is a life-saver. I thought I was giving her an impossible task when I told her what I was looking for on my limited budget but she found something perfect for me in a fraction of the time I spent with the realtor I had before her. She was always easy to get ahold of and very fun to work with. I’ve recommended her to several people and will continue to do so, she’s a rock star!” -Sara Siebler

No need to drink from a firehose to get all this information, just call me with your questions. I’d love to help you.