More clients are coming to me with information from Zillow when buying or selling their homes. Zillow, like Wikipedia, is not 100% accurate, but it’s a good starting place when looking for homes. On Zillow, not all of the houses you see are still for sale and their “Zestimate” is not a true estimate of what the house is really worth.

My goal and the goal of CBSHOME is to provide Zillow with the most accurate information about my listings by supplying them with a direct feed of information. I have created a profile and need your help.

If you had a great experience with me selling your house or finding your dream home, please oh pretty please write me a review on Zillow. I REALLY appreciate your time, so I’d like to give you a $5 Target gift card for your trouble. If you have 5 minutes, please click on the link below and tell people about your experience, I would sincerely appreciate it. Start your review here.


Thank you so much in advance. Now, just sit back and think about what little goody you are going to buy at Target. P.S. No one ever successfully leaves target with less than a cart full, so beware. Don’t believe me? Then watch the video.

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